Terms and Conditions

1. All quotes are subject to eRoof’s review, approval, and acceptance before any contract anticipated by such quotes will become legally binding. eRoof is providing online quotes based on the square footage of the home, as provided by the homeowner, and answers to questions provided by the homeowner, meaning that inaccuracy or error may occur if information provided by the homeowner is incorrect or inaccurate. eRoof assumes no liability for any such inaccuracy or error.

2. Any inaccurate information provided by homeowner in answering the questions presented in the questionnaire is cause for denial of the project and/or additional charges.

3. All quotes and pricing provided by eRoof are on a retail (cash) basis. Any expenses related to meeting code requirements must be paid directly by the homeowner if such expenses are not covered by insurance. Denial of insurance coverage for any contracted items or work will under no circumstances obligate eBay to pay for the same or relieve homeowner of the responsibility to pay for the same.

4. eRoof is not liable for damage to driveways or yards, though eBay takes all reasonable measures to protect such items.